Reproductive Biology Associates is proud to have worked with thousands of patients who have achieved their dreams of parenthood through our compassionate, state-of-the-art infertility care. Faces of Hope is a collection of your stories from the 30,000 babies born in RBA’s 30 years.


Reproductive Biology Associates has spent the last three decades helping to build families in metro Atlanta and across North America. Now, the leader in reproductive technology has brought hundreds of families together to celebrate our 30th anniversary!

Since 1983, RBA has helped couples struggling with fertility issues to find solutions including invitro fertilization, preserving eggs and finding egg and sperm donors. More than 30,000 babies have been born in that time thanks to the work of the doctors, scientists and staff at RBA. We didn't do it alone. We worked as a team with moms and dads who chose not to give up hope in having a family. We want to celebrate our 30 years with you. Please join us by sharing your story in our Faces of Hope gallery today. Post your photos, tell about your journey and let others know about your path to having a family.

For our anniversary, we also invited families to share in a day of celebration. RBA honored all of the families we have worked with over the past 30 years at a special party at Zoo Atlanta.

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